A few months ago, I was invited to an event organized by the Mozilla Science Labs, and I gave a short presentation on How to train data-driven ecologists. One of the key points in my presentation was the importance of community over institution, or broadly speaking, how to leverage existing training material that has been developed by the community.

Deep down, I feel like there are two types of person in me when I am confronted to a science problem. First, there’s the artist. The big-picture, pie-in-the-sky guy, with creativity, and moxie, and a “We’ll sweat the details later” kind of attitude. And then, there’s the craftsman. The stickler for details, the one in charge of making sure that everything is clear, the one who understand the tools and knows how to use them. This is maybe especially important for computational research, but we need to understand how these two persons-in-us, the artist and the craftsperson, interact.